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A stolen relic. A potent secret. Lenah Callo had a plan…

It wasn’t to save the galaxy.

Lenah longs to pilot a spaceship, but her highborn station won’t allow it. Fed up with her father’s secrets and lies, she steals an old smuggler’ ship.  But just as she’s about to discover the truth about her family corporation, a cyborg on a mysterious mission snatches her craft and kidnaps the captain…

Forced to fly to a dubious planet, Lenah discovers a magical artifact on board that could unleash a galactic catastrophe. As a chase for the artifact’s secret begins, she has no choice but to team up with her kidnapper and uncover the deadly secret the relic holds.

Can Lenah and the cyborg take down a powerful evil to protect humanity?

Star Relic is the first book in an action-packed space opera series. If you like futuristic worlds, fascinating characters, and extraordinary quests, then you’ll love Clara Woods’ world-spanning saga.

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How far would you go to save the galaxy?

The Mapstone’s secret has been uncovered, but alerting the authorities only lands Lenah and her crew a night in prison. All hope that the United Planetary Legion could be an ally seems lost.

To avoid humanity’s annihilation, Lenah resorts to a desperate plan: her father’s mage farm must be destroyed. It comes in handy to have an ex-smuggler on board who knows all about illegal explosives.

But plans are easier made than executed, and if Lenah fails, millions could die….

Mage Farm is the second novel in the action-packed Lunara Station series. If you like breathtaking fight scenes, quirky side-kicks, and a hint of magic, then you’ll love Clara Woods’ edge-of-your-seat story.

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Two mages. Dark secrets. An ancient evil.

Her home planet is saved, but the Cava Dara are still coming. Lenah’s only chance to prevent further deaths is to become a better mind mage, and what better place for that than the Guild. If its location just wasn’t top secret.

To get access, Lenah promises to transport the rescued mages home, but the passengers turn out to be untrustworthy. Imprisoned on their own ship, and crash-landed on a hostile planet, the crew of the Star Rambler is in no position to save the galaxy.

When Lenah discovers that her ancestry is not what she expected it to be, she seeks to unearth the truth about her power. And pays a high price…

Mind Mage is the third novel in the Lunara Station series, a space opera saga brimming with mystery. If you like futuristic worlds, deadly foes, and epic adventures, then you’ll love Clara Woods’ action-packed third installment.

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Stranded in unknown territory. All alone and surrounded by enemies.

Another battle against the Cava Dara is lost, and the Star Rambler is barely limping on. Now, the crew is caught behind Bartoc lines, with a difficult choice: try to get home despite  terrible odds or find the mysterious mind mages who vanished into the sector centuries ago.

If they succeed, it could be the one weapon humanity needs to turn the tide against the ancient threat its facing. If they fail, mankind could lose everything.

Can the crew defeat overwhelming odds in a world no one has ever seen?

Climb aboard the Star Rambler and find out!

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The epic conclusion to the Lunara Station series!

Lenah and the crew of the Star Rambler have been fighting to even humanity’s odds against the Cava Dara for months, but even so, they are facing an impossible battle.

And then Lenah makes an incredible discovery. The Elders, an ancient race of Cassidians and powerful mages, are alive!

But will they fight alongside humanity against their old enemy? And will they do so without asking for a price no one can give?

Strap in, because the Elder War is coming…

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